Better Know a Volunteer: Sharon Jungers

Were you in Pegasus Patrol? Do you know anyone who was? If not, you’re about to meet one.

Sharon Border was born in Seattle in 1943, and six weeks later, her family moved in to the house they’d built on 5.5 acres on Poplar Way. Sharon attended Alderwood Grade School, Lynnwood Junior High, and graduated from Edmonds High School in 1961. Shortly after graduation, she married her high school sweetheart, Bill Jungers, whom she’d known since junior high.

Over the next few decades, Sharon and Bill raised two children, Pam and Bob; lived at Martha Lake, Arlington, Poplar Way (After her father passed away, Sharon and Bill bought the house that Sharon helped her father and uncle build in 1961.), and Snohomish; and Sharon worked as a waitress at O’Brien Turkey House in Arlington for nearly 40 years! When the restaurant closed in 2009, she decided to retire.

After Bill passed away in 2012, Sharon’s good friend and AMHA board of directors member Sandy Konikson recruited Sharon for AMHA’s board. “And I said, ‘I don’t think I need to be on the board; I want to volunteer and help,’” Sharon remembers. “She said, ‘No, we need some old Alderwood people.’ I said, ‘Well, I certainly qualify for that.’” Sharon attended the next board meeting, and the following month, she was voted by the board to fill a vacant position. During this time, she also began hosting at the AMHA cottage, originally as a substitute when another host was on vacation, but later became a regular Tuesday morning host. She says she looks forward to her days hosting at the cottage because “it’s really neat seeing people come in that have no idea what’s going on here, and no idea about the area. You know, they see ‘Alderwood’ and they think Alderwood Mall. And it’s just fun to give people the history of the area, and let them realize that there was an Alderwood Manor before there was a Lynnwood.”

Sharon (Border) Jungers stands with the Pegasus Patrol trophy

Sharon (Border) Jungers stands with the Pegasus Patrol trophy at the Alderwood Manor Heritage cottage.

When asked about her favorite memories of growing up in Alderwood Manor, Sharon says, “Oh, the Alderwood Play Days, the parade that they would have every year that Pegasus [Patrol] would ride in.” When Sharon wanted to join Pegasus Patrol, the youth equestrian group in Alderwood Manor, her family didn’t own a horse for her to use; luckily, friends of a friend let her use their horse, so “I was in the Pegasus Patrol with the rest of the kids.” Years later, “the first time I came here [to AMHA], at the annual picnic, they had invited Pegasus members…and so my two girlfriends who were also in Pegasus came with me…and [we] saw a couple of old Pegasus people that we knew.”

Growing up in Alderwood Manor, participating in Pegasus Patrol, and volunteering at Alderwood Manor Heritage, Sharon says “I just feel very, very fortunate in that I’ve got such a great connection of friends…and that are great people, that are just super, super people to be with. Because I think people is what it’s all about. Relationships with people…” And Sharon’s friends think she’s pretty super, too.


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Pegasus Patrol, circa 1945-1948.

Pegasus Patrol, circa 1945-1948. Donated to AMHA by Carol Grant. 2010.015.005

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  1. What a great picture of a beautiful lady, and wonderful volunteer for the Alderwood Heritage Museum. Sharon has been a friend, school mate, and sister for more than 60 years. She is one great lady, and you are lucky to have her as a representative of Alderwood Manor. One day I would like to join her in her duties at the museum. Nettie

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