Early Doctors

by Norm Nelson, undated

In the early years of Edmonds there were two doctors, Dr. H. H. Kretzler and Dr. A.W. Schmidt.  Both of whom had a somewhat disparaging opinion of the other.  Dr. Schmidt at one time saying he didn’t see how anyone could put any trust in Dr. Kretzler, Dr. Kretzler having a somewhat similar opinion of Dr. Schmidt.  Both probably of about equal ability.

Dr. Kretzler could frequently be seen tooling his big Chrysler down Main Street, sitting bolt up, right with a flourish.  On one occasion during football practice I broke my nose during a somewhat sloppy tackle.  I was taken to Dr. Kretzler—he looked at my nose and decided it was beyond his ability to set.

Into the big Chrysler we went to a Dr. Samuels in the Medical Dental Building in Seattle.  He brought me home to Norma Beach.  For this and a couple of follow-ups his bill was $2.00 and Dr. Samuels was $5.00.

Incidentally my first sighting of Dr. Kretzler was on the basketball court in old Edmonds High.  Even as late as 1957 Dr. Kretzler made a housecall to our home.  Our daughter was teaching swimming at Echo Lake for the Red Cross.  She came home and couldn’t stand or walk so crawled to the phone and called Dr. Kretzler.  He asked for her address and said he would be right out.  He came—found it was inner ear trouble but thought she might have polio—that was his concern.

He had delivered her and her twin brother in 1941.  His charge was $35.00 a delivery but being there was 2 he charged us $50.00.  That included a years visit to Dr. Kretzler and vaccinations.