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Boyle, Brian

May 24, 2009; interviewed by Sandy (Forsgren) Konikson

[Note: All speech fillers, such as “um” and “uh,” have been omitted.]

Sandra Konikson, Alderwood Manor Heritage Association: This is Sandra Forsgren Konikson with the Alderwood Manor Heritage Association and I’m doing an oral interview with—

Brian Boyle: Brian E. Boyle.

SK: And Brian, when were you born?

BB: Born the 30th of October, 1918.

SK: And what is your age now?

BB: My age is 90.

SK: Okay. And you were born when—where? Continue reading

Wickstrum, Mary (Humble)

May 26, 2009; interviewed by Cheri (Stadler) Ryan

[“Um”s and other speech fillers have been omitted.]

Cheri Ryan: [tape starts mid-sentence] —2009, this is Cheri Ryan at the Alderwood Manor Heritage Cottage in Lynnwood, Washington, and today I am interviewing –

Mary Wickstrum: Mary Wickstrum. Humb—Mary Humble Wickstrum.

CR: And Mary, can you tell me your age and your address, please?

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Arnold, Betty (Bailey)

August 22, 2007; interviewed by JoAnn Rossi

[“Um”s and other speech fillers have been omitted.]

[Note: A third voice, male, can be heard on the recording periodically, talking in the background, or agreeing with comments made.]

JoAnn Rossi: [tape begins mid-sentence] […inter]view of Betty Bailey Arnold, who is a long-time member of the Alderwood community. I’m going to ask you some questions now, Betty. Here goes.

Give me your full name and your age, if you don’t mind, and your address.

Betty Arnold: Well, my name is Betty Bailey Arnold—Betty Anne Bailey Arnold. I was born in 1919 in Seattle. My parents’ name was [sic] John and Marie Bailey. We moved to Alderwood Manor in 1927. Continue reading

Keeler, Shirley (Echelbarger)

October 11, 2005; interviewed by Cheri (Stadler) Ryan

Cheri Ryan, Alderwood Manor Heritage Association: This is an oral interview with Shirley Keeler on October 11th, 2005, interviewed by Cheri Ryan.

Cheri Ryan: Shirley, can you please give me your, um, full first name with your maiden name, and when and where you were born?

Shirley Keeler: Shirley Grace Echelbarger Keeler, and I was born in Dupree, South Dakota, in 1921. Continue reading