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Alderwood Manor Business Memories

By Halide Lobdell Patterson

Directly across the street from Alderwood Grade School (location across from the Lynnwood Convention Center on 196th in Lynnwood) lived George Romano, who had a shoe repair shop.  In the 30’s I think most kids like me, with rapidly growing feet, had one pair of shoes at a time.  So when my leather soles wore out, I would go across the street after school and sit in Mr. Romano’s shop for whatever time it took for him to put on new soles.

Both Mother and I patronized the “Beauty Shop” once it was started Continue reading

Patterson, Halide (Lobdell)

May 26, 2010; interviewed by JoAnn Rossi

[Note: All speech fillers, such as “um” and “uh,” have been omitted.]

JoAnn Rossi: My name is JoAnn Rossi; I’m a member of the Alderwood Manor Heritage Association, and today’s date is May 26th, 2010. I’m here at the Alderwood Manor Heritage cottage in Alderwood Manor, also known as Lynnwood, Washington. I’m going to be interviewing today a lady who’s been in Alderwood—lived in Alderwood Manor for many, many years. And your name is—

Halide Patterson: Halide Lobdell Patterson.

JR: And your age?

HP: I’m 87. Continue reading