Volunteer Profiles

Or, Better Know a Volunteer.

In our continuing series, we’ll introduce you to the wonderful people who help keep AMHA running.

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Better Know a Volunteer: Sandy Konikson

“I’ll do the interview if we can go outside and sit in the sun,” Sandy insisted. Maybe it was because it was a gorgeous and warm April Saturday, or maybe it’s because Sandy loves nature. Either way, nature was a theme that kept coming up as we talked about her life in Alderwood Manor.

Sandy Forsgren Konikson

Sandy Forsgren Konikson and Babe Ruth

Sandra Forsgren Konikson was born in 1939 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, although her family lived in Alderwood Manor at the time. Her father, Harry Forsgren, emigrated from Sweden with his family when he was a boy, initially arriving at Ellis Island, then traveling through Canada, and eventually settling in Alderwood Manor, where the family bought land from Pope & Talbot. Continue reading