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A “Behind the Scenes” blog

Well, here it is: our first official post on our shiny new Alderwood Manor Heritage Association blog.

The main goal of the blog is to be able to share with everyone the cool and interesting things that happen behind the scenes at AMHA. We have a lot of nifty goings-on, but unless you’re part of the group that’s actually working on a project, you might not know about it. With our new blog and updates to our site, hopefully we’ll be able to give everyone some insight into the inner workings of AMHA. Continue reading

Welcome to the new and improved Alderwood Manor Heritage Association website!

Welcome to the new and improved website of the Alderwood Manor Heritage Association!

One of our goals for 2014 is to have a better online presence, starting with a regularly-updated website and a blog, featuring posts from the AMHA President, Board members, and other volunteers, letting you know what’s going on at AMHA.

AMHA members will continue to receive our quarterly Clippings newsletters in the mail; our online sites are simply another way for us to connect with our members and the community, and for you to connect with us. We look forward to posting updates about upcoming events and ongoing projects at AMHA, and also to hearing what you think via comments on our blog or at

We may be slow with new content in the beginning, but once we’ve got everything running smoothly, we hope to have lots of good information for you on a regular basis. And if you have ideas of what you’d like to see on our website or blog, e-mail us at